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I’d like to share this simple work from the last conference, it has some notes about S1bx, hopefully they are useful for all of us,

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Thanks Falah

Dear SAR users. I have a simple but challenging question. I’m working on a mining site (with underground tunnels) which experiences occasional collapses here and there. These collapses of underground tunnels are like 40 sq. m in size (the mouth of the hole) and yet the owners fill them immediately after the accident takes place for the officers not to find them. Is it by any chance possible to use Sentinel 1 sar data to find these holes?

Applying any of InSAR techniques, should be relied on find coherent object in both scenes (first pass and second pass), otherwise it’s not possible to detect any object’s phase with the absence of this fact.

Also other important point, let suppose these objects

have permanent target on the surface and it’s coherent, the matter of the case is the resolution of S1 SLC images for example, Take a look at this post Source of the post it’s not possible to detect this case, because simply it’s out of the detectable resolution. However, if this movement of holes and refill affect the around area and could be detected within the resolution of used SLC images, in this case the effects of the holes could be detected and not the holes themselves.

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