Sharpen LST not working

ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (93,93) (96,96)
Process exited with value 1

The shape values keep on changing basis my iterations, and the output (sharpened LST product) does not generate. Tried multiple iterations… what to do? should I uninstall and reinstall the app?

Check to see if the output of the warp to template band is the same as the output of the sentinel 2 images. This error occurs when you the polygon cordinates doesn’t match up.

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Thanks Jesse, as discussed:

I was able to solve it… one has to take the geometric info from the s2 reflectance output and then apply it during the s3 preprocessing phase in the reprojection section. refer page 27 and 28 of the revised tutorial.

“Before getting into the S3 pre-processing details, some important geometric information should be taken from the pre-processed S2. From the File /Open product, navigate to the folder of the pre-processed extracted bands, double click on the product, or click advanced, and then say yes in the new popped up window, or use the easiest way of dragging and dropping the product from its container folder; In the Product Explorer expand the image, then the Metadata, Granules, Geometric_Info, and double click on Tile_Geocoding. The outlined information is needed in the next S3_pre-processing steps, specifically in the Reprojection step. See the figures below:”