Ship detection in SNAP - Lat/Lon coordinates?

I have not worked with the previous version of the Ocean Object Detection algorithm but I have found it in some tutorials and it seems to produce lat/lon fields. However, when I check the result I only get the image coordinates. When I try to export the vector layer to shapefile I get an error that the “Current fid index is Null, Next must be called before write().” I would like to export the results to shapefile or kml.

Could anyone please advise me what I am doing wrong or whether there is a step in preprocessing I am missing? Currently I only apply Orbit files previous to running the Ocean Object detection. Also I seem to be unable to visualize the lengths by using the Layer Manager -> Add -> Object Detection Results as the layer appears empty. I would be grateful for any advice or comment.

hello, i have the same problem
have you found the solution !! please if yes,could you help me