Ship detection

Hi, I am working on a small project of ship detection. As I am new to the software and SAR topic, I have gone through the basic tutorials of how we can use object detection from SAR application to detect ship. I can see that there are few objects which are not ships but they are detected as ships. How can I differentiate these from the ships in the software? Are there any algorithms by which I can resolve the issues? If yes, then how will I apply it in the software?
Thanks in advance.

you have various options:

  • Change the minimum object size to exclude smaller objects from the detection.
  • Filter your image stronger, this might as well remove strong backscatter of non-ships (e.g. waves)
  • Change the sizes of target and guard window size, have a look at the help section to see how CFAR works here.
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@Shree, in case you missed it, a webinar on ship detection with Sentinel-1


Thank U so much @ABraun and @MCG.