Sigma values to CSV files

I calculated the radar backscatter values from sentinel 1A image and now I need to convert them in an excel files for further analysis. The conversion to CSV file does not work. The two image are uploaded for reference: image 1 shows the profile plot of the sigma values which I need and image 2 shows the incomplete csv file that has been exported into.
Kindly help please.
Azmery Iqbal Afnan

The images are not available. Went something wrong with the upload?

I guess the problem is the import in Excel. Probably you need to specify a number format or another separator.
Have a look at the file with a text editor. There you might see the correct values.

Yes sir, it keeps saying file is incomplete or unable to import. But I don’t know how to fix this. It is kind of very time consuming to input all the data in excel files manually. Sir, please mention how to specify number format from profile plot?