Sir its about polarimetry decomposition

sir this is the work flow which i have followed
load different dates SLC product

  1. Top split
    2)apply orbit file
    3)calibrate and save complex output
    4)S1 back geocoding (created stack of products)
    5)Deburst the stack created by s1 back geocoding
  2. matrix generation C2
    7)multi looking
    8)decomposition h/a
    it gives me entropy anisotropy alpha for both dates
    but when i am checking the pixel values for both dates its same … please help
    and let me know if i am doing the write steps for multi date polarimetric decomposition

Somehow applying polarimetric tools after coregistration (BackGeocoding) introduced an error.
Maybe you can first apply complex calibration, deburst, multi-looking, decomposition and then coregister the images (radar > coregistration > coregistration)?