SLC Pre-processing problems

Hi everyone,
I’ve used snap to deal with S1 data for some time. Some problems confuse me a lot.
In order to generate C2 matrix, i have to keep data in complex form but some operators (i.e. Thermal Noise Removal Operator) can not return a complex output. Does that mean those steps are not nesscery in polarimetric problems

I am very grateful for any hints!
thx, zy

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you can run the calibration module and select complex output. The other radiometric tools, such as Thermal Noise Removal or others, are not built for polarimetric applications. There are however some corrections in the Polarimetric module, such as Cross Channel SNR Correction and Polarimetric Angle Correction.

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Dear ABraun,
Thanks for your help!

Thermal noise is random with unknown phase, therefore it cannot be removed in the complex domain. After detection the thermal noise power can be subtracted from detected intensity.