SLC processing problem with deburst, calibration


I have a IW SLC (VH+VV) product which I want to process through deburst -> calibration.
For some reason after the calibration, the sigma0_VV is empty (blank), while the sigma0_VH looks as expected.

If I reverse the processing steps: calibration -> debursting, both channels output correctly.

What could be causing the sigma0_VV output like this?
Does the order of these two processing steps matter in a long run?

P.S. The same issue was mentioned here but remained unresolved: Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow

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Did you follow these steps?
1-TOPSAR Deburst
2-Thermal noise removal
3-Apply Orbit file
4-Calibration to Sigma0

Actually not. Now that I did, Thermal noise removal gives an error NoiseInfo not found for intensity VH.
Is it ok to calibrate first and then deburst? This is the order of operators included in “S-1 SLC to GRD”, is it not?
I wasn’t going to apply the orbit file or thermal noise removal at all for this single exercise image.

If you don’t need the phase information you can also download it as a GRD product and only apply the following:
1- Thermal noise removal
2-Apply Orbit file
3-Calibration to Beta0
4-(Speckle filtering)
5-Radiometric terrain flattening
6-Range Doppler Terrain Correction

I also account this problem. If the deburst process performs before calibration, the VV channel is empty. But we process calibration before deburst, both of the channels looks as expected. What’s the reason for this result?

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how did you get the subset you used in this topic? And can you show me your computer configuration?