SLC Subset

Hello Forum,

I need to provide a SAR processing practical lesson at uni, but am prevented by the file sizes concerned (limited computing power). I therefore want to cut out a smaller portion of a full S1 scene in SLC, so that we can then do the calibration, filtering, multilooking etc.

As I think these processes use the metadata that comes along with the standard SLC product, how can I undertake this work on a sub-scene? I think I’m asking how can I extract a subscene, whilst retaining the SAFE format, as opposed to a GeoTiFF, etc.?

Many thanks for any guidance.

If you’re product is S1 SLC IW or EW, you can start by using the TOP Split operator to select the subswath and bursts. SNAP doesn’t write SAFE format. I would save as BEAM-DIMAP until you are done with your processing and then you can export to GeoTIFF or something else.

OK, thanks very much.