Slice Assembly documentation

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for information about how the Slice Assembly works (to report it on my thesis), but unfortunately, I have found only the contents on the help:

"Slice products can be combined to form an assembled Level-1 product with the same product characteristics covering the complete segment. Assembly is performed following the three strategies of Include, Merge and Concatenate.
Include - the value of the information is identical for all slices and a single occurrence of the value is copied into the assembled product.
Merge - the value of the information may differ between slices and a single value must be amalgamated into the assembled product using the values from all slices. This can be accomplished by means of averaging, majority polling, summing, etc.
Concatenate - the information is stored in list format and the values from each slice are appended to the appropriate list in the assembled product in Zero Doppler Time (ZDT) ordered sequence and the list count attribute is updated to contain the number of items in the concatenated list. This applies to both binary image data and XML lists."

Someone could better explain the concept of “Include” and “Concatenate”?

Thanks a lot