slope and aspect

Using any kind of DEM source,
any executing the - Compute Slope and Aspect
The error message

Type: OperatorException
Message: Metada range_spacing has not been sent

How to solve this?

What kind of source product do you use?
I think this operator only works with SAR data at the moment.


That’s the DEM. Is it also the source product?
If yes, it is probably as I said. The source is not supported.

Thanks, for guiding, However, it is mentioned there " works with SAR data at the moment." while I am using Lansat 8 OLI Data.
Secondly, does SNAP have any plan to include SVM in the supervised classification module.

At the moment there are no plans to implement SVM.

Regarding the slope and aspect issue and that it works only on SAR data, I create an issue. So we keep it in mind.
[SNAP-1475] Slope-Aspect operator can not process optical data - JIRA (

As a general rule, SNAP developers should focus on capabilities not provided in more widely used packages. Slope and aspect from DEM’s is available in QGIS Raster Terrain Analysis and other GIS systems.