Slope thresholding, Morphological opration and Masking

Hello everyone,

I want to do the same analysis as shown in the image using the Sentinel SLC product in SNAP. After calculating coherence, I am having issues with slope thresholding, morphological filtering, and masking. I would like to know

  1. if the same analysis is possible in SNAP
  2. if yes, then what are the tools to use to get good result?
  3. if not, what is the alternate way?
    Note: I used morphological 3x3 filter but the result wasn’t very good

In PyGMTSAR (Python InSAR), you can also utilize morphology operations available in the ‘utils’ module, as well as perform layover and shadows detection using the topo_variation() function and slope detection with the topo_slope() function. These functions have been recently added and are currently available only on GitHub, not in the PyPI library yet. For more information, please visit the project on GitHub: GitHub - mobigroup/gmtsar: PyGMTSAR.

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