Slow connection downloading sentinel 1 data

Hello. I am using slow connection to download sentinel data from hub.
I recieve incomplete file when downloading .zip data. Only one 810 MB file is complete now.
From copernicus support email (Ticket#: 2015081010000125 - Scientific Data Hub File Transfer Query) I was recommended to show my problem in this forum.
Is this the correct category of the forum?

I used 4 computers in three different internet connections. Operating systems was Linux Mint and Windows 7. Firefox from new instalation and downloaders extensions as DAP, FlashGot and Modern Download Manager.

It does not matter which software I use. Download is ended prematurelly and file is demaged without error messajes.

I am missing some configuration to download sentinel data?


This is not the correct forum for issues related to downloading data from scihub.
However, I would recommend using a download manager such as DownloadThemAll on FireFox or DownloadAll on Chrome.

Is it possible to download more than one at a time?