Slow writing and loading images

sir, in system loading and writing by SNAP is very slow.

How much RAM does your computer have?
Do you have the chance to store your data on a SSD? Is it located on a network device or maybe an external hard drive?

i have a system of 8 GB ram. i don’t have SSD. I’m using only the external hard drive, whih is inside the CPU. My system have an landline connection which is provided by my university

creating image takes lots of time. when it’s completed, loading image also took a time. I don’t what to do?? @ABraun

so in case your data is stored on an external storage device: This could reduce reading/writing speed, depending on the speed of the drive and the data transmission via USB (USB 2 vs USB 3).

Also, it was reported that users with certain graphic cards have similar struggles. Have you checked if the drivers are up to date?
It is also good to update SNAP whenever an update is available (the icon at the bottom right)

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I always save the data from SNAP in this folder(F disk) only. In SNAP itself remind me there are 7 updates found. I thought in this version i can do the things. can i update SNAP?? @ABraun

@ABraun Then where can store the data, sir

yes, please. Simply clickt the icon and follow the instructions.

Please try to move one of the processed datasets to your local drive (e.g. C:\Temp) and check if the loading runs faster there.

is F:\New Volume an external drive, connected via USB, for example?

F: is also the system drive. i have separated the device memory into separate volumes like D, E, F

I’ll try your steps.

then it will probably make only little difference, but it is still worth a try.

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@ABraun sir the speed of creating image is somewhat increased (before=9-10mins, now=5mins)

It’s at least something :slight_smile:
Still too long to work effectively. I think increasing the RAM to 16 GB would surely help. You can check if your PC has a second RAM slot. Memory is currently quite affordable.

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@ABraun can i install the SNAP software in my laptop having 4GB RAM???