Slower apihub downloads?

Hi all,

Since Jul 27, I’m seeing much slower apuhub downloads for Sentinel 1, 2 and 3 products. The speed is just above 1 megabyte/second. Is it just me, or does anyone else experience this? This does not happen with Sentinel 5, which is on a different server.


Olympics (and FIFA Wold Cup) stress internet capacity, so the problem might be transitory.

I am seeing the same for dhus.
It must be a server side problem – I’ve never seen such a state before.
The site has always been either down or functioning
-but never with this zombie slowness.

This News may explain why:

Thank you for the pointer. Indeed, I see faster downloads now!

S1 and S2 downloads slowed down again in late August and never recovered. Even when the download client is in Germany, I see speeds of just ~0.5 megabytes/s.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I get same download speed from a server located in France. I contacted support two days ago about these slowdowns, yesterday I got a response saying that they would forward the issue to the tech team.

Since an hour or two the situation seems to have gotten even worse: I get HTTP 403 errors when I try to download more than one file at a time (whereas users are allowed to download two at once). And the download speed did not improve.

I guess this is a side effect of them trying to fix the problem, but a little heads-up would have been nice.

Apparently the slowdowns are caused by the increasing number of users getting data from

Here is the reply I got from EOSupport:

Dear Sylvain,

Following the Technical support team’s reply, please note that the available bandwidth has to be shared with the entire user’s community.

Nevertheless, measures are in place to increase the bandwidth at infrastructural level.

Moreover, we kindly inform you that, currently the parallel concurrent downloads are 4 (shared between Sci Hub and Api Hub).

We hope the above will be of use.

Kind regards,


SCI Team
Copernicus Services Coordinated Interface ESA service operated by Serco