SLSTR 500m reader for PixEx


I am tying to extract pixels from a set of SLSTR products with gpt.
As I understood, by default PixEx reads SLSTR with 1000m reader, thus a, b, c stripes are ignored.
I tried to use <formatName>Sen3_SLSTRL1B_500m</formatName> option but PixEx operator does not know this option.

Ideal option will be just adding a line (<sourceProductReader>Sen3_SLSTRL1B_500m</sourceProductReader>, 7th linenow) in the current graph two_slstr500.xml (1.7 KB)
I also tried connecting ProductSet-Reader to the node but I do not know how to connect two nodes, so the file is a complete mess . slstr500.xml (1.9 KB)

The questions are:

  1. How to specify the Sen3_SLSTRL1B_500m reader in PixEx operator.
  2. How to connect graphs in .xml manually (as it fails with SNAP GUI).

Thank you

This is something which is missing for the PixEx or actually in general.

You need to do the processing in two steps to get around this issue.

  1. Use a graph.xml which reads the data similar to this one. Read LANDSAT 8 in GPT
    To this graph, you can add a subsetting node. This will reduce the amount of data and speed up the processing.
  2. Do the pixel extraction on this processed data.

I’ve quickly noted this:

Thank you!