SLSTR - Any use of creating quicklooks or RGB?

For our own archive we use quicklooks to browse S-3 OLCI imagery per day/month etc.

We can create these for S-1 SAR, S-2 MSI, S-3 OLCI… what about S-3 SLSTR (level 2)?

is there any point in trying to generate quicklooks?

At this stage, we are using pconvert to output a grey scale JPG image using the sea_surface_temperature band and apply a colour table to it. Would you suggest anything better than that?

Thank you.

Beside the brightness temperature bands there is not much to be used to create a RGB image.
You will not get a true colour image, but maybe you can play with them a bit and you get something which fits your needs
The two images on the left are false colour images using the BT bands, on the right the colourised sst.

Thank you very much Marco , for the prompt reply. I will be looking into it.
Best regards, David