SLSTR Oblique data fail in "radiance to reflectance"

Hi all,
I’m using Snap 6.0 switch SLSTR radiance to reflectance, with the “Radiance-to-Reflectance Processor” function.
The problem is that a part of oblique reflectance data(S1-S6 band) is missing compared with radiance data:

Can someone explain with this problem?


The Radiance-to-Reflectance Processor has been designed to work with SLSTR L1B products at 500m. When you open the product in SNAP Desktop, choose to read at a 500m resolution. The processor should get you the correct results then.

Thank you very much.
But the oblique view was still like the picture above while nadir view was correct.:cry:

This is a bit weird, as I got the result in your first post when I read the bands in its native resolutions, but got the correct result when I chose to read in 500m resolution. I attached the different results: Native resolution is up, 500m resolution below. Can you switch on the no-data-layer and say which one yours does more look like? Or post another screenshot with the no-data-layer when yours looks different?