I have a simple graph (attached) which consists of ProductSet-Reader node followed by PduStitching node. When I use it from within SNAP it works fine and a complete stitched product is created.

However, when I use exactly the same graph with exactly the same inputs from command line (using gpt) I get an INVALID_CHARACTER_ERR error. The output directory contains all the stitched .nc files but xfdumanifset.xml is missing which means that I cannot use the output for further GPT/SNAP processing. The exact error is shown below.

Is there a know workaround for this issue?


graph.xml (1.1 KB)

When I call PduStitching from gtp but without a graph (i.e. gpt PduStitching -PsourceProductPaths=C:\Data\S3A_SL…) I get the same error but with more traceback details:

Maybe this is because of this issue: SNAP-882

Move the ProductSet-Reader to the first position in the graph. Then it might work.

Mmmh, but you say it happens also when you the PDUStitcher directly.
Then I would think there is something wrong with SLSTR XML file.
I will have a look at the data.

I was able to reproduce the issue. The problem seems to be two-fold.
One is the implementation and the other is that the classpath is created differently in SNAP Desktop and from the command line. Both together lead to this issue. For now, you can only use the stitcher from the Desktop.
I’ve noted this problem in our issue tracker: SIIITBX-193