Smile Effect correction for post-processed Sentinel 3 SYN AOD

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to use the post-processed S-2 SYN AOD data produced by the following research

The data is generated through the application of a post-processing algorithm which combines the S-2 SYN, OL-1-ERR and SL_1_RBT files.Unfortunately, as you can see from the following image, the smile effect issue still affects the quality of the results:

I’ve already looked for a solution in the forum and found mention here:

and here:

that a processor was in development some years ago to correct this issue. Does anyone have information about whether or not this processor was indeed developed and added to Snap? Or if any alternative solution for this issue exists(maybe through some clever data cleaning in python?)

The development of the smile correction processor has been abandoned some time ago. The results were just not good enough.
I’m also not aware of an alternative.
Maybe someone else can help?

Edit: Corrected the text. Thanks @gnwiii

I assume “abundant” should be “abandoned”, the sort of typo modern software likes to sneak into documents, but potentially confusing to non-English readers and machine translators.

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Thanks to both for your replies - guess I’ll just plan my work around the presence of this effect then.

if I may ask, @marpet, do you know whether any deep learning approach was tried for the processor? I have some ideas in mind, but I’d like to know if they have already been unsuccessfully attempted.

I’m not aware of such an approach.
But I can say that we have reactivated the work on the smile correction. Coincidentally at the same time as your question. This should not mean that it will be available next week. It still can take some months or we might stop further development again.

I see, thank you for sharing the update and good luck!

I’ll be also experimenting on how to mitigate this effect with such approaches for my thesis in the meantime, although with a more restricted focus on the aforementioned AOD data.