I am using the conversion package smos-ee-to-netcdf.
I converted the file

and obtained the netCDF file

The Snapshot_ID ranges from 359004384 to 359011420
However, the Snapshot_ID_of_Pixel has values up to 359011580

which means I cannot get some of the snapshot information for Snapshot_ID ranging from 359011421 to 359011580.

Can you help me with that ?

Thanks !

You can get the input file from this ftp server:
Name: ftp
Password: (none, hit enter)
cd upload/mrb/caya

I used the command


wanted to have a look at this. Unfortunately I can’t find the files on the ftp server. It looks empty.


Hi Marco,

Tom Block was able to download the file.
I just checked and the file is still there.
Can you try again please ?
You have to

cd upload/mrb/caya/


Thank you for helping !


It still empty for me. See here:

Anyway, if Tom has the files then it’s ok. I just wanted to have a look because he is on travel currently.



You really have to go to upload/mrb/caya/
manually, even if you don’t see the subdirectories.


Ah, that’s the trick. :slight_smile:
Now, I got the file.


Dear Alain,

you picked a bug in the exporter.

I could reproduce and fix it. The fix will be publicly available on the next SMOS-Box update, scheduled for beginning of March.

Best regards,