SNAP 2.0 release

SNAP 2.0 will be publicly released in June. You will be able to do downloaded from here:
If you have any question regarding this release please reply to this post.

I’ve just installed SNAP (on Linux) because it was required for running a particular module. To give a first feedback, I’m wondering why the interface is so different from the other S1/2/3 Toolboxes, even with the same ‘look&feel’. For example how can I tile verticaly the images? Wouldn’t that be easier for users if menus and interface were identical between SNAP and the Sentinel Toolboxes?

Hi, we couldn’t stick to the old user interface any more because of license issues. So we decided to switch to the NetBeans Application Platform. Probably it is not yet everything perfect but we will further improve with the next releases. Your feedback and suggestions are valuable and very welcome.
Regarding the tiling. You can use the buttons in the toolbar.

Ok I see, thanks Marco.
Regarding the tiling, it’s strange but I initially didn’t have all options (only horizontal); after several restarts (an opening different types of product) I have it now. Anyway, I look forward discovering in more details this release and next one’s.