SNAP 3.0 and sen2cor plugin

it is not clear to me if with the release of SNAP 3.0 a new sen2cor plugin has been rewritten. Based on the release notes ( it would seem that the call only was updated:
“Provided a new Sen2Cor plugin to call Sen2Cor from the S2TBX, based on generic StandAlone Tools Adapter”.

Am I wrong?

I have just updated to SNAP 3.0 and sen2cor is 2.0.6.

Thank you in advance

Sen2Cor plugin was updated last week. To make the update effective you should as well delete your .snap/auxdata\tool-adapters\Sen2Cor folder as there is an issue about the update of this kind of plugin.

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Thank you Nicolas

Considering that there are new versions of SNAP (3.0) and Sen2cor (2.2.1) I would like to make two questions:

  1. For updating to these news versions, in SNAP , should I uninstall the old version and repeat the instalation process from the beginning or is there an automatic update?
    2)In Sen2cor, I have tried to do the automatic update. I go to Tools-Plugins-Check for Updates but I haven’t succeded. How is this new version updated?

You can update all modules in SNAP without uninstalling them except external tools (only Sen2Cor right now). For this tool you need to uninstall it and delete the .snap/auxdata\tool-adapters\Sen2Cor folder as update is not supported yet.

I uninstall Sen2cor and delete the .snap/auxdata\tool-adapters\Sen2Cor folder . Then i install using python sen2cor. I also run L2A_process --help command and no error i get but even i could not run sen2cor. what to do i donot know?

Here we’re talking about the Sen2Cor adapter in SNAP, this is the plugin that does the link between the Sen2Cor tool and SNAP.
I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here. Update Sen2Cor, update the adapter, launching Sen2Cor from a command line or from SNAP, with what result?