SNAP 3.0 is now available

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The SNAP development team is pleased to announce the final SNAP 3.0 release which is now waiting to be downloaded.
Beside bug fixes and improvements, several new features are waiting for you. For example

  • a new Resampling Operator has been introduced.
  • GPF operators can now handle multi-size products
  • quicklooks are now supported in the Product Explorer and the Product Library
For more information about changes made for this release please have a look at the release notes of the different projects: SNAP, S1TBX, S2TBX, S3TBX, SMOS Box

Enjoy the new release
The SNAP Team


Dear team.
How does the " a new Resampling Operator has been introduced." mean?


It means that a new operator named “Resampling” is available.

Please also see the release notes and please consult also the help in SNAP Desktop.

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This is an odd announcement in that it doesn’t announce anything new that seems important.

Looking at the different projects SNAP 3.0 adds:

  • Pixel classification
  • In-Situ database
  • Offset/Speckle Tracking
  • Fractional land water masking
  • DEMAssistedCoregistration
  • Multitemporal Speckle Filters
  • Land masking
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