SNAP 4.0 failed to open S2 data

Dear all, I’m trying to open an S2 image with SNAP 4.0 toolbox by there is always the message:

Can you help me to correct it?

I have tried to change the path to C:/tmp or C:/s2_products (what I found from the forum) but it doesn’t work either.


SNAP Sentinel-2 reader support long path so you can put your product where you want and don’t have to move it.

Your product name however doesn’t look like anything we’re used to. Was it generated with Sen2Cor or how did you get it? The file name should follow some rules as we use it to check if it is a S2 product and to extract some informations.

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your response. I download it from since the CNES has recently released some S2 data acquired from France.

I just downloaded it and did not do anything.


I think these CNES L2A products are generated with MACCS. These products are not supported by SNAP yet, so the message you have is right.

You have some recommendation about which toolbox I could use for this product?
If not, could you please recommend me some website to download S2 data acquired from France?

The official website to download data is the Copernicus Services Data Hub:


And do you think the SNAP will update to support open the CNES L2A data that i have?

I hope SNAP can support these products in the future but it is not on the roadmap yet so I can’t tell if or when it will be done.

Ok, anyway merci beaucoup!