SNAP 4.0 now available

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The SNAP development team is pleased to announce a new SNAP release.

The different installers for the supported platforms can be downloaded.
Beside bug fixes and improvements, several new features are waiting for you. For example


  • Supervised Classification - Random Forest, KNN, Maximum Likelihood, Minimum Distance
  • Support for S1B
  • Correction to precise orbits which caused phase jumps
  • Integer interferogram combination
  • Double different interferogram within the burst overlap
  • Added new SeaSat reader
  • Only multi-size product reading for L1C MSI data
  • Reflectance values are now scaled for L1C MSI data
  • Several reader optimisation
  • New L2B Biophysical processors
  • Integrated IdePix Processor for L1C MSI data
  • New Radiometric Indices Processor
  • New colour classification based on the Forel–Ule scale
  • Sentinel-3 Reader have been improved according to errors and format changes
  • Performance of radiance-to-reflectance conversion has been improved
For more information about changes made for this release please have a look at the release notes of the different projects: SNAP, S1TBX, S2TBX, S3TBX, SMOS Box
Enjoy the new release The SNAP Team