SNAP 5.0 hangs when constructing a Profile Plot of S2 data


I am trying to use SNAP 5.0 to look the profile of of a swath of S2 data.

However, when I try to compose even the smallest line (over say 1 detector) the software hangs, and I have to End Process in the Windows Task Manager to get back to my data.

I use the Line Drawing Tool to make a Line, then go to Analysis > Profile Plot and everything stops.

My SNAP is fully updated. I am using Windows 7 64 Bit, and have 16 GB of RAM. You’d think that would be enough, eh? :slight_smile:

Any clues? Is it me?



I just tried it and first experienced the same behaviour: I direcly chose the plot tool in the menu bar. The symbol stayed ‘clicked’ and the GUI froze for about half a minute.

After some time, the plot window appeared but stayed like this:

Finally something happened - but not quite what I expected:

Yes this is not ideal. The GUI should ne blocked this way. It seems reading from the S2 products takes to long time. I’ll consider this as an issue (SNAP-678).
The profile plot can only show the profile of a single band not of an RGB. That’s why it chooses the red band to show.
So it is better to show profile plots only on single bands not on RGBs.

This is what I got:

Actually by default the ‘Compute in-between points’ should be checked.

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you’re right - I completely missed that!

Hi Andreas and Marco.

Thanks for the feedback. And the confirmation of my sanity!

I don’t get anything. Not even on a single Band on a single Tile. Its definitely an issue from my end :slight_smile: