Snap 6.0 update error linux fedora 29 64x


When trying to update my plugins, the snap proceeds 17% and then the “&Proxy Configuration” window pops up and gives this error:

“Not all of the plugins have been successfully downloaded. The server may be unavailable at the moment. Try again later.”

Does anyone else faces the same issue?

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I’ve heard also from someone else that he he problems with the update.

I’ll contact the server maintainer, so they will have a look.
But in general it seems to work. Otherwise more people would complain and I have experienced no problem too.

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Thanks marpet for quick reply.

Well I installed and updated all the plugins in windows and everything works just fine.
On my Linux machine though, I have many problems including Image co-registeration. I though updating the packages might solve the problem but so far this does not work neither.
I will update if I can solve the problem.

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Hello Sina,
There were some issues today with the server response time. They were solved a few hours ago. Can you specify when it’s the last time you tried? Maybe attach a screenshot with the plugins you are trying to update?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Oana,

Thank you very much for quick replies.
I tried several times and Just succeeded to install all the updates.
It was a bit strange that in several attempts, each time the update process halted in different states of progress .
There was a warning about my proxy settings and the possibility of Firewall hindering the connection with the server. I turned off the firewall and tried a few times and now I have all the plugins updated.

Thanks for your attention and support,

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Hi Sinooshka, I have the same problem, I have SNAP 8 in Windows and Linux, but in Linux it doesn’t work, when I try to update it prints an error related to the ESA server being unavailable. Likewise, the co-registration tool does not work, the sub-ranges are not enabled. How did you solve it,


Just wait a bit and try the update again…In most cases it is due to a server bottleneck at the time you try updating your packages that it fails.

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