Snap 6 can`t open sentinel 2a

Hi everyone. Can someone help me? My snap 6 can`t open “MTD_MSIL2A.xml”-file. Look at screenshot. How to solve it? Maybe the reason is my machine is not good for it (2 machines - 2gb RAM and 4gb RAM). Had anyone the similar problem?

same was asked here: Unable to open Sentinel-2 product

Try to update SNAP via Help > Check for Updates

but i use the latest version 6. 0. 0.

that is the release, but there are regular updates for the single toolboxes. Sentinel-2 Toolbox must be version 6.0.1 for the new format to open correctly.
Described here:

can u give me a link please? i tried to find in snap software help - updates but can`t

What happens when you click Help > Check for Updates?
They are provided as internal Updates at first.

Oh now i did. Thanks

Anyone can help
I set up sen2cor version 2.5.5 with Snap 6.0.
It worked well, but after processing, I can’t open file MTD.MSIL2A.xml. This is the error message

Thank you very much

I moved your question to a related question. Probably updating SNAP and S2TBX as suggested by @obarrilero will help you, too.