SNAP 6 Freezing

I have been working with S1 SLC products for DinSAR work with little trouble until recently. I have a graph built to process my images as downloaded from ESA, and as of the last 2 days, when I load my graph SNAP and try to select the raw images for processing, SNAP freezes or sometimes after many minutes tells me that there is no valid orbit file for my image (these images are 3 years old). I try to close snap and have to use task manager to do so. I have restarted my computer twice, and even tried downloaded a different pair of images and get the same issues.

Does anyone have any suggested solutions?

This freeze can happen when it initially tries to find and download the orbit files, Usually it takes second but if some external site is down or slow, it can take longer trying alternatives. Iā€™m in the process of fixing this.

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