SNAP 7.0 permissions only to root

Dear developers,

I notice that when installing the new public version of SNAP 7, I face the problem of SNAP being locked to root. It means that “clicking” on the SNAP icon, you’ll get a error message describing that you are not allowed to access data inside .snap

The strange thing is that I never had that on previous installation of SNAP.

Whatever, the solution for users facing the same issues is simply to go on your installation folder (for me it’s “/home/qg”), open a terminal, and type

sudo chmod 777 .snap

Hi Quentin,

Thanks for the report and for providing the manual workaround.

Have you installed SNAP as root?
Strange is that the .snap folder is not created by the installer, but when running SNAP.
Have you configured snappy/python during installation?

No. I tried multiple times to install (always as normal user) but always ended up with a root-locked SNAP installation. I find it strange …

I think it is created during the installation, but running snap requires info in .snap, which is not allowed.

Yes and no. I never managed to configure snappy, because of jpy problems. This being said, I still provide my path to my python.exe at each installation.

Hello @marpet! I was hopping you’d fix this with SNAP 7.0. The content of .snap goes way beyond user settings. Any chance of seeing this evolve in a nicer and more contained single folder for snap?

Then is still applicable to version 7.0?

In my case, there was a ./snap directory already present (before ESA SNAP installation) in the system due to the snapcraft app used by Ubuntu. Maybe this is the case for you too. In such a case, I was advised to install ESA SNAP in a different directory.

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Hello @mindioanni,
Thanks for the heads up!
The issue I report is more related to the content than to the folder name. I believe a .snap folder in the user home should only have settings and not binaries or stuff like that.

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