SNAP 7.0 Won't Update


I have installed 7.0 a few days ago, and can’t successfully update. Have received a message like this on every attempt (though the .jar referenced is not always the same). Is it possible to update manually using the files from the update center? I see 8.0 is in some form of beta since May, is it possible to access that?


For me (on linux):

 % jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs org-esa-s1tbx-s1tbx-commons.jar

        1339 Tue Aug 18 10:53:46 ADT 2020 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
jar is unsigned.

On Windows, I found jarsigner.exe in openJDK, so:

PS C:\Program Files\snap\s1tbx\modules> 'C:\Program Files\java\jdk-14.0.2\bin\jarsigner.exe'  -verify -verbose -certs org-esa-s1tbx-s1tbx-commons.jar

gives the same result.

See Oracle Java 1.8 Security Tour.
Is it possible that your Java installation has a policy that requires signed jars?