SNAP 8.0 Error when importing shp

Dear colleagues,

I have installed SNAP 8.0 in my computer and I have a problem when I import some shp files to use them as training vectors.

I import them, and apparently, they overlay perfectly on the S2 image, but when I save the product with the vectors and try to open it again in a new session, the vectors are not included and an unexpected exception is reported:


I do it exactly in the same way in SNAP 7 and it works perfectly with the same image and the same shp files.

Someone knows what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.


Hi equiros,

this sounds very much like this issue:

This is already fixed, and an update will be released soon.

Can you provide us the shapefile and the name of the product you want to import it? Then we can validate if this use case if also fixed. (381.5 KB)
Dear marpet,

Here you have the shp files and the product is a subset of s2b_MSIL2S_20200819T110629_No214_r137_T29TQE_20200819T132326


I was able to load all vectors

I noticed that the “urbana” vector is a multi-polygon (one feature but several geometries), but this did not cause the error

Yes, I have no problem when loading, the problem is when saving the image with the vectors.

When I try to open it again in a new session is when the problem occurs, and the vectors are not loaded any more.


sorry, I misunderstood your question then. It is likely that it is the same issue as reported by Marco.

No problem, Hopefully it has been solved and included in the new update.

Thanks again