SNAP 8.0 on Ubuntu 20.1 can not access removable media/drive

I installed SNAP 8.0 on Ubuntu 20.1. Apparently, the installation run smoothly, no any errors reported. However, when I open product, I just see the Root directory available. All my other internal drives, mounted correctly, not show up in the list of drives/folders from which I can select and open the files on those drives. All the mounted drives work fine with other application but just SNAP. In addition, “Reopen Product” and “Advanced” option in the panel of “Open Product” do not have any responses while I click those buttons. Any help would be appreciated.

What filesystem does the external drive use? Are you mounting the external drives in the Ubuntu file browser app or using the command line? Can you find the external drive in the output of the mount command run in a terminal (this will give a long list, so you have to search for the external drive). SNAP can only use drives visible using the mount command and where permissions allow access for the user running SNAP.