SNAP 8 - faster download links available for testing!

In order to improve access to the SNAP 8 installers we have deployed them in a CDN (content distribution network). This should make download performance better specially for non-European users.

Would some of you please download SNAP via the links hereafter and report back any problems. It would be great if you could let us know how fast you got them and where you are based (a simple large area indication is enough - “Central Europe”, “North America”, etc is enough).

Windows 64 bit, Sentinel Toolboxes installer

MAC OS, Sentinel Toolboxes installer

Linux/Unix, Sentinel Toolboxes installer

Thank you very much.

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Bump… anyone wanting to provide feedback.
It would be really great to know that the people are getting better access in far away areas…


The URLs are now available in the main download page of step.

If anyone has issues with the main downloads links please post here…