SNAP 8 freeze

Hello everyone
I just upgrade my SNAP 6 to SNAP 8.

the old version was working very well

but this it download many files with no stop when I run a calculation!?

this step take many hours till I stop the process.

N.B: I kept my old auxdata files so no need to download file orbits or DEMs.

it consumed more than 5Gb of data :frowning:

I downloaded the DEMs files manually and put them in auxdata folder but when I run the calculation SNAP delete the file!? and it start to download the files again and again with no STOP!

what is the problem with this version?

@lveci was the new SRTM 3Sec link already implemented in an update and this is a new issue?

in fact I used SRTM 1Sec HGT .
1- I used my old DEMs.
2- deleted the old once and let SNAP download automatically
3- I downloaded DEMs manually.
But didn;t works

Finally I decided to uninstall SNAP and re-install it again but with the first choice of DELETING old user data.
and SNAP8 look it works good.

Many thanks for you ABraun and all SNAP team.

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this would mean that some parts of the problems were not fully solved by the update

Yes you right Mr ABraun but as a simple user it is a solution and for a developer or SNAP technical team it is not a solution.

I agree. The work around is good, but not feasible for the majority of users. I hope this can also be fixed with an update.

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