SNAP 9.0.0 Unexpected Exception A java.lang

hello everyone, I have SNAP 9.0.0 installed on a windows computer, I try to load an image for example “” and it doesn’t, I get the following error:

A java.lang.NullPointerException exception has occurred. Click Show Details or see the messages.log file


Does someone know how to solve this problem?

if you need more information please tell me



Is this product located in the root directory. Like in C:\ or D:\?
If so, please move the product into some folder. Then it should work.

A ticket has been created and a fix is already in the works.
[SNAP-3479] Exception in decode qualification of ZnapProductReader - JIRA (

For future bug reports. Please provide the exception as text. It can be copied from the dialog.

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Thank you so much,

Sure enough, I moved the image to a temporary path like D:\tmp\ and uploaded the image to SNAP 9.0. and it works very well.


Thank you

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