SNAP 9 - Not able to access WMS

Dear all,

first, thank you for providing SNAP 9 and the constant good support.

Since I’m using SNAP 9 it is no longer possible to connect to a Web Map Server using the “Add Layer Tool”. It is possible to paste the URL and the also the available layers are listed and the extend is reported. Bur when I try to finish the dialog I receive the error message “Error: Not able to access Web Mapping Server: …” . The server is online and access by other means or software (e.g. QGIS) possible.

I tried to connect to different WMS-services and used datasets with different defined CRS.

Any tips would be much appreciated


Hi JohannesTR,

sorry for this inconvenience. Indeed, there is an issue which prevents to access WMS service in SNAP 9.
This will be fixed with the next update. It is expected to be released next week.

Hi Marco,
thank you for the quick feedback.
Great news that there will be an update soon.