SNAP asking for oj_windows.bat and SourceTree.exe

When I try to open product, SNAP is asking me for oj_windows.exe and SourceTree.exe – what are these?

Both don’t belong to SNAP.
oj_windows.bat belongs to OpenJump and sourcetree.exe belongs to this the sourcetree application, I guess.

But for some strange reason (probably a JDK issue) such messages pop up if you have unresolved links on your desktop.
I suggest you check the shortcuts on your desktop and if they work.

See these posts:

Then why I’m not notified when installing SNAP, that I need those programs?

Why these programs are not automatically downloading, installing?

Why SNAP doesn’t resolve its dependencies? OpenJUMP is an opensource program.

Why QGIS (an opensource program) installs its dependencies and not asking me for ‘xxx.exe’ to do something? This is an issue, quite serious, and annoying. I’m asking for opening this issue on SNAP Team Jira.

I think this is misunderstanding and I have to admit that I don’t like your tone.

SNAP does not ask for these shortcuts because they are required. It is simply a part of the file dialogue to check the recently used files and some standard directories (desktop, user directory).
If there is an invalid shortcut among the files in these locations, SNAP highlights that. It can be annoying, but also quickly resolved so I kindly ask you try this first. This is not the first time this was discussed and others have managed it as well.

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SNAP does not ask for these shortcuts because they are required.

I do not understand this. does not ask … because they are required. Then why SNAP asks for them? OpenJUMP algos are available in its Java packages (com.vividsolutions.jump) and does not require GUI (instantiate a GeometryFunction) to work (done a Dockerized microservice with OpenJUMP algo in it).

It is simply a part of the file dialogue

A what part? QGIS, and specifically, ESA SNAP 6.0 (previous version before 7.0) doesn’t ask me for ‘oj_windows.bat’.

So, I have chosen ‘oj_windows.bat’. But why SNAP keeps asking me, despite that?

In this sentence just a “not” is missing.
It should be:
SNAP does not ask for these shortcuts because they are not required.
As I have suggested, this might happen because you have broken links on your desktop. If you clean them up those messages will probably not appear anymore.

The source of the issue is this issue in the Java JDK:
But there are also other conditions which trigger this issue.
We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue. And most likely it will be resolved with the next release.

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sorry, this was not very clear (and probably works better in my native languate). What I wanted to say: The reason why SNAP asks for these filles is not because they are requred, but rather because they are either on the desktop/user folder or they are part of the “recent files” list of the operating system (more on this here SNAP 7, "The target was not found"), but no longer valid.