SNAP Biophysical operator Flags

Hi all,

I’m currently working with LAI, FPAR and FCOVER data retrieved from the Biophisycal operator. I ran the module from command line using and R script to automate the process.

When i check the output data it looks good, for example the values and ranges of the variables.

My question is regarding the quality flags. Reading the manual ( it looks that the QA flags could take values from 0 to 4 (3 bits) but i have strange values (image attached), it seems that the 0 value is ok, the 1 value is fair ok (input out of range) but the values above 4 are bad quality data. The majority of the QA data is beetween 0 and 1 but i think that if may be and error in the computing of the flags, maybe it could be a error in the computing of the LAI, FPAR and FCOVER products also.

Someone have had this error?

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There is several issue with biophysical processor on S2A product mainly.
Also, the last ATBD version is here
The next minor release will fix the problem ASAP.
I hope next week.