SNAP Biophysical Processor S2_10m why is resampling needed

I am using the SNAP 9.0 biophysical process S2_10m to calculate LAI. With this option only 3 bands are used that are natively at 10m resolution. I get an error message that my file contains rasters of different sizes and can not be processed, but the bands in the calculation are all the same 10m size. The suggestion is to resample all at 10m but this seems an inefficient step to resample the other 9 bands (which are not used) at the higher 10m resolution. Is there a more efficient way to do this, that does not create unnecessarily large intermediate files? Thank you

Hello Lynsey,

As described in help (Optical-> Thematic and Land Processing → Biophysical Variables Processor → Algorithm Specification), the Biophysical Processor S2_10m uses, in addition to the 10m resolution bands, 4 auxiliary bands with a different resolution: sun_zenith, sun_azimuth, view_zenith_mean, view_azimuth_mean. To run the operator, all 7 bands must have the same resolution.
To reduce the number of processed bands, you can create a product subset containing only the 7 needed bands, resample it at 10m, and run the Biophysical Processor S2_10m on the result.

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Thank you very much for the response, that all makes sense.