SNAP cannot show bandnames in tif created with gdal, but it can show the bandnames written by snappy

I created some files in format “.tif” with GDAL, and the bandnames can be read by GDAL, however the they fail to show in SNAP. Is there a solution to fix this? Thanks in advance!

The python code used to write tif file:

The band name fail to show

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SNAP does not the GDAL specific properies in GeoTIFF. Only the plain GeoTiff specification is supported. And GeoTiff does not support band names.
Instead of GeoTiff you could use NetCDF. This should work.

However, when I rename the bandnames and export it as .tif again with SNAP, then the band name shows as desired. Why does it happen if GeoTIFF doesn’t support band names, please? Thanks!

Because we write also some special data into GeoTiff files, so that the information is kept for SNAP. But other applications do not recognise the information we write.

Thanks very much!