SNAP - comparison 2 time series

Hello! I have 2 time series made up of 5 images each, from January to May of 2020 and 2022. I would like to make a comparison between them. What do you recommend me to use to better highlight the evolution of agricultural crops in these periods? I mention there are level 2A images and I did the resampling and subseting.
Thank you in advance!

For some crops there can be distinct changes in appearance due flowering, ripening, etc that could establish time points. Planting times are often determined by moisture conditions. There can be changes due to crop rotation or driven by economics (market conditions, labor availability and rates, etc). I happen to live in a farm community – the cow pasture across the street was plowed under and turned to growing grains and squashes this year. One factor the farmer mentioned was a shortage of seed potatoes. Potatoes were his main cash crop, so he had to look for other cash crops that don’t require a big investment in new equipment . Input from farmers familiar with the region and crops can be important to understanding the changes from 2020 to 2022 in your study area, but you may encounter novel crops in response to climate changes, labor markets, etc.