Snap crashes often

Dear colleagues,

When opening several bands of a product, though the tool opens them all, some minutes later the tool crashes without using it.
I mean, its on the taskbar, doing another task, checking mail for instance, and when I want to go back to SNAP it is not on the taskbar anymore; checking the console where it was started this is the message that shows (see snap_console_log.txt (4.1 KB))

Find attached the last two reports created by the tool (yesterday and today):


hs_err_pid22697.log (118.5 KB)

hs_err_pid26791.log (116.5 KB)

Dear Alex,

We will need a few more informations to reproduce (and the solve) your problem: How long did you wait before the crash? From the error logs I see 4 days and 4 hours on one case and 6 hours
in the other case, is that right? Which band did you open and for which product (level, size, multi-resolution or re-sampling level)? Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

Dear Nicolas,

unfortunately I can not answer to all the questions but I try.
Yes, the tool was open for 4 days and 6 hours respectively, with a couple of bands, even though the problem occurred when I did open a product with “all resolutions” and tried to open several bands, but cant recall which bands they were; however the first and second occurrence I’m pretty sure they were not the same bands. The error occurred when the bands were loaded and showing, and a couple of minutes later it did crash.

The products open were L1C, with 14gb size and “all resolutions” mode
I hope this is enough information, though I will keep an eye on this details if the problem reproduces again.


Thanks again for you report. We created the following issue: