Snap desktop example

I am a new snap user. I would like to get into know how to develop my own GUI based on snap. I have looked “Snap Desktop Example” and loaded it in NetBeans. Build with dependency is successful. But after I run ( also in debug mode). it pops up the normal netbeans GUI not the example GUI I expected.

Can some one tell me. How do I run " snap desktop example " on Netbeans


Maybe the following wiki page might help you.
It is quite old but it might be helpful.

Dear Marpet,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunally I can’t access the adress you mentioned in your anwser. It always says that I am using a wrong account. Have you any idea for me. Thanks.


Please try again. I’ve updated the access rights.

Dear Marpet,

Thanks. Yes. I can access it now. but it is pity the description on the page doesn’y have much help for me because that is what exactly I am doing. I can open and build all snap projects including snap-examples on netbeans. I can start up snap-desktop-NB-application correctly. The point is that I want to develop my own application based on snap’s all APIs including GUI interface API. But right now, I don’t know how can I design my GUI based on snap. normally using a .form file to design GUI on netbeans. But snap doen’t need it. is it not? so I want to debug the examples and try to find out how GUI worked in snap.

But is pity I have tried run and debug all examples under snap-exampls, all of them start up with the netbeams’s default screen, menu and tool bars, it doesn’t show any snap’s UI interfaces.

I guess,

  1. is something I did which is not correct?
  2. the old example doesn’t match the latest snap version?
  3. example doesn’t work on netbeans?

Or, do you have any good documents or example to explain how to design custom GUI based snap.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.


There are some basic examples on how to extend the desktop GitHub.
Regarding your NetBeans problem, is it necessary to use NetBeans? You could try IntelliJ IDEA. The free Community edition is sufficient for the SNAP development.


I’m also using NetBeans. The desktop examples are no standalone applications.
You have to install them as a plugin before you can start/debug them. I also
wanted to debug a GUI application to see how it works. Unfortunately I had only
time for the simple “Hello World” example. But perhaps it can help you:

“SNAP Desktop Basic Extension Example (Single-Module)”:
When the projects were correctly created, run the “snap-desktop-NB-application” project
and go to “Tools/Plugins/Downloaded/Add Plugins…”. Choose the created target-nbm file
(e.g. for my local development \develop_snap\snap-examples-5.0\snap-desktop-basic-single\target\nbm\snap-desktop-basic-single-5.0.0.nbm).
and install it. When everything was ok, you have a new menu-entry “Tools/Examples/Basic Extension Example” within the SNAP Desktop.
Now you can exit the “snap-desktop-NB-application”, set a breakpoint within the the sourcecode of the “SNAP Desktop Basic Extension Example (Single-Module)”
and start “snap-desktop-NB-application” in debug mode.

To avoid any interference I think it is better to have have no regular SNAP installation on the development computer.

Hi Ercad,

Thank you very much. I will try it.