SNAP Desktop

Good Morning!
I have the source code of SNAP, and i want to modify the menu bar, i want to remove Analysis, Raster, Layer, Vector, Help and Optical. i want that the menu bar contains only File, Edit, View, Radar, Tools and Window.
I Don’t know wich module contain this part of code, i tryed in \snap-desktop\snap-rcp\src\main\resources\org\esa\snap\rcp\layer.xml but Nothing was changed, after building project.
i tried to delete files in actions in \snap\snap-desktop\snap-rcp\src\main\java\org\esa\snap\rcp\actions\ but no modification in snap-interface.

I want to change also the title window, Sentinel Application Platform instead of SNAP. ( i tried in \snap\snap-desktop\snap-rcp\src\main\java\org\esa\snap\rcp\, but Nothing was changed)

Waiting forward for your answer
Thanks a lot