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After subscribing to the Sentinel Toolbox beta test program, when using the links included in SNAP 2.0 beta testing registration e-mail for SNAP download, I have the pop-up message “You are about to log in to the site “” with the username “betatest””.
After enter “betatest” as username, the log-in menu still asks for a password. Even after using the forum username and password I still can’t download SNAP.
What’s the password for username “betatest”?



The password is on the link provided. You can copy and pastle the link
on your navigator or have a look at the URL, the password is between
“betatest:” and “@”. It is important for us to have beta-testers
registering before using SNAP so we can’t send the password on the forum.



Thank You very much.

Hi there,

I have a similar problem when trying to download the SANP installer.
Following the link provided in the SNAP 2.0 beta testing registration e-mail, , an identification pop-up asking for username and password appears (Sentinel Toolboxes Restricted Download Area), but neither username or password is given in original mail.

I tryed usr/pwd from both SNAP forum and SciHub system, but none of them worked.

How can I cope with this?

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Hi @gdallavia,

The login/password to use is included in the link you received by email. Simply clicking the link from your email client should work, otherwise try to edit the link.

It has the form :

where “login” and “password” are replaced with their real values.

The credentials to use are unrelated to either the SNAP forum or SciHub.

Thank you jmalik,

I’ve been rather stupid to miss that one!
Problem solved!

Thank you for your kind and prompt reply


Hi, all
when I click the download link, it pops out the authentication required info. How should I do to?

Hi @malenie

Please re-read my answer just a few messages above.


I have checked my inbox, I haven’t received any link like that shows login and pw.