SNAP Error: A problem occurred during the target product processing


I had this error while trying to use “Multilooking” under the “SAR Utilities” in SNAP Radar for a subsetted Sentinel-1 image.

Any help?

could it be that the path of the images is too long?

Please write the subset to a new file name, e.g. S1_subset.dim, close all products, load the subset into SNAP again and try to apply multilooking.

Hello, SNAP occured the same error. I using the Sentinel-2B/Level 1-C data.
This error occurred after applying mosaicking.

this kind of;

I again think this is related to the path length. Please test my suggestion

I don’t fully understand what your is saying Mr.Braun. What should I change?

Too many characters in the file path can sometimes cause problems in Windows
Please save the product at C:\Temp for example with a very short file name for a test.

The path shouldn’t be too long. I guess, the data wasn’t properly written, when doing the subset.
Could you attach the log file?
How to do it is explained in this FAQ entry:
What to include in a forum post when reporting an issue?

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