SNAP Error: Again Failed to Open İmage after deburst and after Split

ı am trying to learn how to do classic DInSAR and PS-InSAR techniques while using SNAP 6 on windows 10 operating system, and my ram is 8gb by the way,

My problem is this; on some pictures after making (Sentinel-1 TOPS- S1-TOPS Split) for splitting my small area, when ı try to open my splitted image, it doesn’t open and ı got this error

and also when ı used the images which ı didn’t take this error, at that time, ı took this error again while doing deburst after ı got the stack while doing (Coregistration-S1 TOPS Coregistration- S1 Back geocoding after making Split and Apply orbit file)

And also when ı try to make deburst of a stack which include 12 images, my computer can not finish debursting during long time (8-10 hours) , is this normal ?

And ı have a question ? If ı do Deburst for each image seperatelly after split and apply orbit file steps before having the stack for PS-InSAR application , then will everything be oke again ? Because in another way my computer doesn’t seem to be succesful

Thanks you

Hi @firat,

just an advice which does not directly solve your problem but maybe it helps. I have gotten this error once and switched to snappy for other reasons and the error was solved. I think the problem is not SNAP itself I guess, but honestly I have not figured it out after snappy was successful. hence you are interested in Displacement and PS look here to find some hints how to get snappy and the operators work.
About your last point I have some ideas:

The steps are TOPS Split → Apply Orbit File → Coregistration S1 BackGeocoding → TOPS Deburst

Instead of debursting each single image, you can deburst the whole stack, which is much faster. And you need the coregistration any way to build interferograms. To minimize data, because your RAM is limited to 8Gb, I recommend to select the bursts of interest and not all bursts of your subswath in the TOPS Split operator, this will decrease computing time significantly…but maybe you have done this already? An other guess, do your machine use a HDD? If that is the case I really recommend to switch to a SSD, in my case it was impossible to really work on a machine using a HDD, I encountered similar computing times and switched to a SSD, the problem was solved after that.
Hence you are looking forward to do PS analysis, I really recommend to switch to an Unix based OS as early as possible, you will find some help in the post I linked above.

I think these are just hints, if someone has a solution to the error message, that would be great!

Thank you so much for reply and advise @thho,

Before starting my application, ı fallow @bayzidul, @katherine and your some sharings, and first ı was fallowing the steps which u advised to me, ı was doing respectivelly ; TOPS Split-Apply Orbit file-S1back geocoding-Tops Deburst
and my working area is so small (it is in only 1 single burst), So first ı do TOPS split, and later Apply orbit file,
But sometimes on some images after doing TOPS split, when ı try to open my splitted image which has 1 burst which has my working area, it can not open
And sometimes it can be opened and when ı use the images which can be opened after TOPS Split step for making stack while using S1 Back geocoding , after debursting, the debursted stack doesn’t open

But ı am using HDD, maybe the reason is my computer using HDD not SDD like you said, thank you for your advise
But u advise me to change HDD with SDD or increase my ram to 16gb from 8 Ggb ? which one affects the speed more ?

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My guess is SDD would have a much larger effect.

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Thank you @mengdahl

I agree with @mengdahl, SSD did the work for me, the RAM is not that crucial. I have just tested it on my Laptop where I switched from HDD to SSD by same RAM.n Computing times for first processes decreased sixfold.

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Very impressive improvement!