Snap Error - Apply Orbit File

Hello everybody,

I want to apply the orbit file. But this error occurs:

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Best wishes

according to the error message, the connection to the server where the orbit files was temporarily unavailable.

Usually, this settles after some time. Does it happen for the first time?

Thank you for your reply.

I tested it for the first time. But unfortunately it didn’t work for my colleague either. I’ll test it again tomorrow. Can it be that the access is blocked by the company network?

Yes, that’s possible. The firewall and network settings must allow SNAP to access online resources.

I read that the orbit can also be downloaded and integrated separately. Do you know how it works?

you download the orbit file which covers your acquisition period from here

Then you place it in the orbit folder in your user directory under .snap\auxdata\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB

But this requires a special structure for the sub-folders, please check this example here:

Thank you.

Is that the same link that Snap uses when it downloads the orbit files automatically? Our IT department needs this information to grant access.

Unfortunately, the process described does not work. Is it perhaps because the files are available as an EOF and not in ZIP?

3 days are given in the file name. Can you tell me please which one to look for and what the difference is?

the first date is the production date of the metadata, the second is the start. You can navigate to the date of your choice with the filters on the right side until you are left with only one remaining file

Yes, that’s exactly the way I used it. But unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s because I get EOF files and not zip files…?